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Thomas Caiazza Boy Scout Troop 139 Howard Beach, New York receives Eagle Scout for NJLERC Project (January 2012)

July 20, 2012

Thomas Caiazza and Boy Scout Troop 139  Howard Beach, NY

At the age of 15 and a sophomore at the Scholars Academy in Rockaway Park, NY and as a  life scout Thomas Caizza began to plan his Eagle Scout Project  He had to plan, develop, and give leadership to a project that would be helpful to people in his community.  As he researched various topics he discovered the New Jersey Lions Club Eyeglass and Hearing Aid Recycling center.  He thought that collecting used eyeglass and hearing aids would help his community recycle products that would be useful to the needy around the world.   He then began planning his project “Sight and Sound for the Needy.”

Once his project was approved he began contacting local senior centers and churches to schedule collection drives.  He presented his idea to the members of the Rockaway Blvd. Senior Center.  Some of his fellow scouts and he set up a collection station at the Rockaway Blvd. Senior Center.  The members were both gracious and excited that they could help them find new homes for their old eyeglasses and hearing aids.    Two senior centers helped start his project collection with 221 pairs of eyeglasses and 2 pairs of hearing aids.

The second part of his project was to set up collection stations outside local churches during Sunday mass.   Notices were placed in the church bulletins notifying people of the eyeglass and hearing aid collection drive.  Nativity parishioners donated 209 pairs of eyeglasses and 12 pairs of hearing aids.  St Helen parishioners contributed 243 pairs of eyeglasses and 5 pairs of hearing aids.

In total his project was able to collect 672 pairs of eyeglasses and 19 pairs of hearing aids.

In January 2, 2012 he contributed his collection to the New Jersey Lions Club recycling center.

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