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Medical Mission to Rio Dulce, Guatamalen (Aug 2011)

July 20, 2012

Photos from a medical mission to Guatemala where a team worked in Guatemala City as well as a remote area called Rio Dulce near the Caribbean Sea. They were able to provide 1,600 pairs of glasses away during our trip. Three very remote villages also visited during this time and despite many challenges  about 200 glasses were provided to these three villages.


Governor Proclaims May as Eyeglass Recycling Month

April 30, 2012


















Medical Mission to the Phillipines, 2011

August 19, 2011

Brick Township H.S. Leo Club

July 17, 2011

Governor Proclaims May as Eyeglass Recycling Month

May 12, 2011

The New Jersey Governor has issued a proclamation announcing May as Eyeglass Recycling Month.  Please remember to donate your unused eyeglasses as you do your spring cleaning.

Governors Proclamation – May is Eyeglass Recycling Month

Grace Dodge High School (Bronx, NY) Students Perform a “Day of Service”

May 10, 2011
Grace Dodge High School (Bronx, NY) visit NJLERC to perform a “Day of Service.”   20 students from Grace Dodge HS supervised by Ms. Tisha Gomez enjoying a day of service with NJLERC Volunteers.

Visiting the NJ Statehouse for May Eyeglass Recycling Month

May 2, 2011

NJLERC President Al Brewer and Executive Director Mary Devon O’Brien visit the NJ Statehouse and drop off eyeglass recycling resources for May as Eyeglass Recycling month.